about me

hi everyone! i just wanted to wish you a Merry Hello and extend to you an invitation into my thoughts, emotions, and adventures as i seek to make sense of this crazy dance of a life.

a few facts for the curious mind:
~i am 31 and i’m loving it. why? #thirtyisthenewtwenty
~i am an alum of the incredible, challenging, life-changing world race (2nd gen o squaaaad!)
~i‘ve been a newlywed since 4/15 and am learning all the joys and hard work of marriage
~i‘m now learning all the joys and hard work of pregnancy, and am happily expecting my first child in january 2017
~i am a knitter, a yogini, a coffee-lover, and a life-enthusiast
~i am an ambivert. it’s a real thing
~i am learning more and more about the beauty of who i am, and about this great big world and all the wonder it holds for a wide-eyed dreamer
~i am a dog person; the bigger, the better
~i have a very specific coffee mug for summer, and a different one for winter
~this blog is a combination of my first blog, Dancing Through Life,  and my blog for The World Race. Now that that journey is complete, this blog will become a continuation of book reviews, movie criticisms, important dialogues, random thoughts, and passionate quests for life understanding.

i hope you enjoy what you find here. please feel free to leave all kinds of comments, questions, criticisms, and encouragement. let’s have a beautiful, interactive relationship.

Happy Reading!

Head Shot 4.15.16 (2)


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