it’s been awhile, blog.

Indeed it has. I set out in 2016 to record much more of my life, my experiences, and my thoughts in this blog. And then I got pregnant. And it was so, so, so much harder than I anticipated or, really, could have prepared for. So I spent the better part of last year honestly just trying to survive.

There were moments of great joy and pleasure snuck into the crevices of all that is pregnancy but, to be honest, it was just a long, long exercise in letting go of control and breathing through the sickness. Which never really ended for me.

Now I’m just under three weeks away from my daughter’s entrance to the world (due to my gestational diabetes, I’ll be induced before her actual due date), and a new year has started.

I feel good about this fresh start (don’t we all?), and I’m eagerly looking forward to all the new seasons 2017 will bring to my door.

I don’t have many resolutions created for myself (my personal views on resolutions, in general, is most definitely for another blog at another time), but I’ve been asked by more than a few friends what my intentions are going to be for this year.

As an extremely goal-oriented individual, I’ve never had too much difficulty setting myself on a path or journey with a target clearly in mind. It’s always a tangible target, as well.

But this year I feel such a deeper need to grow in my ability to give myself grace, to be more patient with myself, and to learn to live in a more intimacy-and-person-focused orientation, rather than task orientation. As a “doer” it’s overly easy for me to run over relationships to accomplish what I set out to accomplish.

As a constantly-growing wife and a soon-to-be mama, I want to become more gracious toward myself and to hold my dreams, desires, and expectations more loosely. To be able to experience the curveballs of life with a laugh, and to become much, much more present in my every day.

To be kinder to ourselves, to offer a little more grace, and to allow a lot more space for mistakes and laughter is an awfully grand goal to pursue.

Thanks for coming along for the journey. ❤


3 thoughts on “it’s been awhile, blog.

  1. Katie Swan

    LOVE you friend. Praying for great things in your final weeks before beautiful Everly’s entrance. Cannot wait to see you.

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