two weeks for type O

Hello friends. It’s been awhile. Over a month. Pretty atypical for me, but there you have it.

In the time I’ve spent away from blogging, I bought a ukelele and have learned a ton of chords and, like, five songs. I’m basically a prodigy. I’ve gotten one manicure but it chipped after four days. It was gel. I’ve finished reading three books. I had a birthday- my 31st! I rearranged my house. I enjoyed my first married Valentines Day- at a fancy winery for brunch. My husband and I finished paying off all of our (my) student loans and are debt-free. My job title changed, but my responsibilities and work load stayed the same (maybe increased a little). I discovered an allergy to hand soap, but only while wearing my wedding ring. I made the switch from steamed lattes to iced lattes. I visited Kentucky for my friend’s long-awaited and much-prayed-for wedding. Another friend got a puppy. I went ice skating. I went hiking. I became a certified Beauty For Ashes women’s ministry facilitator. I bought and wore two different (and completely ridiculous) outfits from the Goodwill. My mom came to visit and my brother had emergency gall-bladder removal surgery. I went kayaking. I graduated from seeing my chiropractor three times a week to just once a week. I started meeting with my friend Abigail every Wednesday morning at 7 am to talk about what we’re learning while reading the book Boundaries. I upgraded my phone. The bean boots I ordered in December finally arrived, but because of our awesome sunny weather I’ve only been able to wear them twice. My husband successfully held his first Calling Workshop and it was a huge success. I sold my old phone AND my old mac computer.  I fell in love with How I Met Your Mother AND The Newsroom. I got a membership to the local YMCA, and I go nearly every morning at 6 am. I found my fitbit and have re-instituted its use, logging in between 7 and 12 miles daily.

So you can see, it’s been quite the busy month.

basically me

But you know what else has happened? I’ve continued to gain weight, despite exercising 6-7 days a week and eating a decently healthy (with delicious chocolate in moderation) diet. I’ve been getting a good amount of sleep (save for that week when my husband had some unusual insomnia issues and accidentally woke me up a couple times). And despite walking/running/elliptically moving 7-12 miles every single day, I haven’t lost a pound. Not one single, solitary pound.

I’ve researched what issues or symptoms you might have if your thyroid starts wacking out, and I don’t seem to have any. So I’m not imagining that’s the problem. I was chatting (read: freaking out) about the weight gain to my office mate a week ago and she mentioned I should look into eating foods prescribed for my blood type. She had tried it years ago and surprisingly (because she’s in perfect shape) lost a lot of weight. Even in the middle of moving houses, with all her belongings packed away, she found her book on blood type diets and brought it to me the very next day.  I wondered if I should just read the chapter(s) associated with my specific type, but I honestly can’t put the book down. It’s absolutely fascinating. I had never heard of this type of diet before- that is specific to a blood type- but it wasn’t too far out in left field (since I had learned about eating for body composition (doshas) in yoga teacher training a million years ago).

I think I’m going to give it a chance.

For the next two weeks, at least, I’m going to dive into this new way of eating and see if my body changes. Weight loss is not the goal of the diet (per the book), but a solid byproduct of eating foods that supercharge your system, and staying away from foods that inhibit your metabolism, thyroid activity, and ability to regulate your blood sugar levels.

My blood type is O. According to Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo my blood type is the oldest in history, and the most primitive. Because my system is still built to succeed on a hunter-gatherer diet, and not an agrarian one, I need to be cutting out breads, legumes, beans, and dairy, and super-upping my protein intake. Which actually works great for me, because there are a lot of fad diets out there that focus on high-protein, low-carb. Apparently that’s ideal for type O. Disappointingly, though, I need to almost completely cut out eggs and dairy, and surprisingly coconut milk. I honestly wonder if that’s why I’ve gained so much weight in the last two months, and why I haven’t been able to lose any- because almost 7 days a week my husband and I eat veggie-egg omelettes, and I chase it with a coconut milk latte. Apparently those things reduce my thyroid activity and inhibit my body’s ability to burn calories efficiently.

goodbye, delicious coconut milk

Back to a protein-and-veggie smoothie in the mornings.

I’m sure I’ll struggle with this- when have I ever walked away from carbs and sugar without some collateral damage? But reading this book and learning the science behind what happens when my specific body digests specific things has been fascinating and inspiring. I’m really excited to see how my body responds- if this is incredibly beneficial, or just a crock.

I’ll keep a record of all the goings-on over the next two weeks and update you if and when I see or feel a difference. I’m hopeful to get my body back under control. I’ll keep you updated!

Wish me luck!

and eat this cheeseburger for me, won’t you?

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