top 5 posts of 2015

What a year, what a year! As I was debating whether or not to write an end-of-year recap blog, wordpress actually emailed me a recap of how my site did this year.

So rather than creating one lame-o all-encompassing list, I thought it would be nice to just post links to some of my most popular blogs from this year.

And without further ado, here they are (click on the titles to check them out):

5. the one where i turned 30

4. wedding prep is coming to an end: lessons i’ve learned in the trenches

3. goodbye interview, hello new job!

2. i wish i was a boy

1. menstrual camping

And that really does sum it up! Two great jobs, a 30th birthday, a WEDDING, fears about pregnancy, and camping on the menses.

Wow. What a year it’s been! Thank you to all my subscribers, the 75 countries who visited my site, and the numerous friends who made time to comment and have conversations with me.

Here’s to an even more amazing, hilarious, romantic, adventurous, exciting, peaceful, wonderful 2016!


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