a blanket raffle!

As you know, my husband and I are missionaries living in Georgia. We work for a nonprofit organization called Adventures In Missions who trains and sends thousands of missionaries to the nations yearly.

As missionaries (and also employees of a nonprofit) we raise support as part of our lifestyle. We’re always looking for monthly donors, but with the end of the year comes a desire for more fun and spunk. And since it’s winter, and I’m a yarnaholic with either knitting needles or a crochet hook permanently attached to my hand, we thought Why not raffle off a handmade blanket??

And so we are!

Welcome to Blanket Raffle Off 2015!

Here’s how it works: visit http://andibruinsma.myadventures.org and click on the red Support Me link on the left-hand side. The first ticket is $10, but every ticket after that is $5. So if you’d like your name in the pot only once, donate $10. If you’d like your name in the pot 9 times- donate $100!

I’ll be working on the blanket from now til the end of the year and in January, after the holidays, we’ll draw a name and mail you your lovely new blanket.

Blanket deets: made from navy blue cotton, the blanket will be extremely durable and easily washable. I mostly make blankets with acrylic yarn, but they aren’t as easily washable, and tend to pill. This blanket will be great for year-round use, as it will be warm in the winter and relatively cool in the summer. I’ll post continual video updates of the progress of the blanket and the raffle.

Click here to join the raffle now!

(below are some blankets I’ve previously made)


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